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"During my 25 years at 3M I heard many speakers on leadership and team building; none of them were as engaging, challenging and authentic as Shelli. Through her personal story, she offers each listener the opportunity to smash the self-created limitations that hold each of us to the status quo. Individual confidence is the foundation of a high performance tight team. Shelli is the motivational speaker that can open the flood gates of untapped leadership potential within each person. Listening to Shelli, you begin to believe that all things are possible, even the once impossible. I highly recommend Shelli if you want to energize and kick off a new innovation in thinking and working for your employees."
 — Barbara Fermon, MIM, 3M International Marketing Manager

"Shelli Stanger Nelson has made her peace with being called courageous. She has been blind since age 24, a result of severe diabetes. Other health problems have plagued her. But she went on to become a registered nurse, head of a department at Fairview Hospital, and now has moved on to a counseling model helping people in trauma realize that their stories hold the key to improving their lives." 
— Kim Ode, feature writer for Star Tribune - to read the article:

"Everyone needs to read this book, not just those in the medical or healing profession or those with chronic or serious illness. Shelli’s experiences resulting in her shift in awareness and understanding represents the kind of life-altering, paradigm shift that everyone would do well to embrace in order to heal, find peace and learn our true nature. Shelli’s experiences resulting in her shift in awareness and understanding represents the kind of life-altering paradigm shift that everyone would do well to embrace in order to heal, find peace and learn our true nature.
The reader-directed inquiries seamlessly interwoven throughout the book helped me see my difficulties through new eyes with clear vision. They motivated me to reevaluate parts of my life and gave me the freedom to set new, more ambitious goals for myself."
— Daniel Cohen, MD, Neurologist and author of Addicted to My Ego

"Discovering our ability to choose love regardless of the challenge is the essence of this book. Shelli Nelson takes us on an intimate journey of a remarkable life. More than a story of overcoming the brutality of her medical and personal challenges, it’s a meditation on grace, love and our ability to choose. What holds it all together is Shelli’s unfolding ability to question and reframe. When life presents another medical or personal calamity, Shelli chooses a different lens through which to view it. Integral to this is  her ability to embrace the physical and nonphysical universe. Shelli’s hard-won wisdom and discernment inspire me to move beyond my own fear and imagined limitations. I can think of no greater gift to her readers." 
— Scott M. Taylor, Ed. D. Creator of the CD series Into the Light: Near-Death Meditations, Monroe Institute facilitator since 1985

“Memoir” doesn’t do this book justice. It’s a manifesto on how to take whatever injustice, indignity or devastation that fate has handed us and spin it into gold – or at least a silver lining. The author, who describes herself as ordinary, is anything but. Her heroic story of overcoming profound physical and emotional adversity inspires all of us to dig deeper, stretch farther and trust mightily. Her quest is not mere survival but triumph. She is the liberator of a wounded soul and a broken world.
— Anne Hunter, founder of HunterSage Marketing + Branding

"This powerful and courageous book inspires all who suffer physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Shelli is a true world walker, guide and spiritual teacher."

          — Kathryn Harwig J.D.  author of The Return of Intuition


"I asked Shelli to speak to a group of 400+ physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals at our annual cardiac medical conference in 2017.  Shelli was simply awe-inspiring.  She was able to make an immediate connection with the audience by telling her personal story of how her medical tragedies have shaped her belief that the path to live with joy and contentment lies within those stories.  Her lecture "From Both Sides of the Bed and Beyond: Keys For Assisting Patients Healing Health Through the Heart" provided much needed insight on the necessity of integrating traditional medicine with spiritual and holistic healing.  Her unique perspective - as a nurse, energy practitioner, and as a patient with complex medical needs - was exactly what our conference needed to allow the audience to pause and focus on the importance of the human spirit in healing."

           — Amy Bertram, Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist, RN, BSN, PCCN-CMC - U of M Health


"Your story, Shelli, is truly the hero's journey.  Joseph Campbell could not have described it any better.  You left home, went into the void, met the monster, went deep with despair into the belly of the beast, moved through the struggle, captured the boon, and returned home with a higher consciousness, and returned back to every day life.  Wow!  It was the archetypal hero's journey, for sure.  Congratulations.
And, as you say, 'our story is our medicine.'  I found that just giving my patients a chance to truly tell their story and to be heard was one of the most healing "medications" or therapies that I could give to them.  Your book is truly a prescription for healing."
 — Bill Manahan, MD, Founder and Co-Chair of the Holistic Physician's Group of Minnesota

If you listen to Shelli Nelson, you can learn to love yourself, be grateful for what you’ve been given, where you are, and for whatever comes.  I sincerely recommend Shelli Nelson as a speaker.
 — Mark Chronister, Retired PWC Partner, Board member and mentor