When Strength is Conceived Confidence is Birthed

Strength and Confidence

When I was dealing with my third cancer diagnosis-aggressive stage III lymphoma-I wondered once again why my life seemed to be a continuum of epic adversities that I managed to repeatedly survive. It frustrated and perplexed me as to why I was being repetitively knocked down if I were always going to recover and stand again. My thoughts were, ‘What’s the spiritual purpose? How is this useful in my day-to-day living?’
Eventually I came to an important realization about what all of this climbing up and falling back down was doing for me both spiritually and yes, in an everyday, practical way. It had to do with faith. And the state of being that is created beyond faith.

Faith is the belief in things not yet seen or realized in the material world. As I was being given opportunities to either remain steadfast in my faith or surrender to my real fear, a new sense was created in me: certitude. In certitude I have total freedom from doubt, especially in matters of faith. With certitude I have confidence born of my strength. 

Today I understand the purpose of repeated adversities; without them I would linger in the lurches of my tremulous moments. I would doubt the potential for heaven to exist but a heartbeat from my grasp. Each difficulty seasons my faith toward certitude. As I find myself climbing to the hope of my Soul, I remember all the moments when strength was conceived and the confidence that was birthed as I refused to give up my dreams despite my challenges.

May your troubles be easy. And when they are not, may you remember the desire of your Soul and believe in the inconceivable!

Shelli Stanger Nelson
A Soul Medicine™ series

Louise Woehrle