I pass through our foyer several times a day. Recently, I’ve been rejoicing in this red-mouthed beauty. One ordinary, exceptional day I understood something; so long as we have shelter, we can do great things. I loved seeing the paradox of this image. It reminded me of how I can feel sometimes expansive and twirling in a natural state of energy. All the while a blizzard of problems rages behind me. Without the blooming amaryllis, the blizzard would have been only a cold and lonely reminder of the long and barren winter that refuses to yield. And then this came out:

Mothers, shelter your child with the singular wisdom only your hands and heart possess. Sisters, shelter us with your laughter, your solace, and your enduring presence. Fathers, shelter your sons and daughters with your solid stance. Brothers, oh brothers, shelter us with your charm, your bravery, and safe heart. Daughters and sons, shelter us, we, who need your greater insights and compassionate understanding. Lovers, shelter us with the tenderness of your gaze on our liquid eyes. People of all nations, shelter your fellow humans so they would know the taste of love and the hope of renewal. Shelter us, sun and earth, rain and stars. Remind us that our fragility does not destroy us, but instead, opens us to grace.

When I want to be anywhere but here, shelter me, friends. Shelter me.

Louise Woehrle