Meet Shelli

"Shelli Helped Me See My Difficulties Through New Eyes With Clear Vision."       

                                                     — Daniel Cohen, MD, Neurologist



I Believe

"We do not need to be outliers in order to be extraordinary. I’ve learned that we all feel insufficient in some way and we all long for one common thing, to be able to live with joy and contentment despite living in a difficult world. I’ve learned the pathway to our victory lies within the sometimes tragic, sometimes problematic stories of our lives. People don’t need to be taught their essential nature, we simply need permission to be it. I believe our inferiority is not what we most fear, but rather, our magnificence. I believe the way to live with optimism and hope is not to hide from our fear, but to race toward it. We all have something worthwhile to give to the world ~ our Souls of Love."  Love, Shelli


Shelli Stanger Nelson Speaker and Author

About Shelli

Shelli Stanger Nelson believes we can all be an advocate for our own health and healing. She describes herself as an ordinary person with no special gifts. Shelli discovered her extraordinary qualities by using her difficult life experiences as a pathway to her Soul. 

Her life’s work has been centered on the integration of medicine, holistic healing, spiritual development, and the evolution of human consciousness. She retired from Nursing in 2014 due to stage 3 Lymphoma. During this period she decided to write her life experiences in a book with the intention it could be healing for her and soon discovered that it could also help others. Her book is titled Your Story Is Your Medicine: A Prescription for Healing in an Imperfect World.

Shelli's health and wellness career began in 1985 when she attained her RN degree and simultaneously lost her physical eyesight at age 24 due to complications of type 1 diabetes diagnosed at age 10.  She did not let blindness stop her as a young nurse pursuing her career. She challenged the Minnesota Board of Nursing in 1989 and became the first blind person to retain a Registered Nurse license in the state of Minnesota.

That same year she made history again when she developed the Cardiac After Care department at Fairview Southdale Hospital, serving as a nurse clinician and educator in the Cardiac unit and Emergency department for thirty years.

In both her professional and personal life, Shelli observed that traditional medicine and treatments too often failed. This frustration launched a twenty-five-year quest for integrative methods of improving health, for herself and her patients. Surviving her multiple health traumas which also include three organ transplants, three bouts with cancer and open-heart surgery, Shelli is convinced that integration is the most viable way to achieve infinite well-being. She no longer is insulin dependent and lives a vibrant life with her husband Brent and their beloved dog Lindi.

If you listen to Shelli Nelson, you can learn to love yourself, be grateful for what you’ve been given, where you are and for whatever comes. I would sincerely recommend Shelli Nelson as a speaker and highly recommend her book, Your Story is Your Medicine.
— Mark Chronister, Retired PWC Partner, Board Member, Mentor