No matter what your story is, you can become the magnificent being you were born to be.

"Your body is stronger than  your mind believes.

Your mind is more powerful than you imagine. 

And your Spirit is more invincible than you know."


Energy Medicine Therapist

Shelli’s mission is to help people experience joy and contentment despite living in a world that can sometimes be harsh and cruel.

Although Shelli became totally blind by the age of 24, her new way of seeing is profound and highly accurate.



Shelli is a medical professional who has vast experience as a nurse and as a patient. She speaks on many topics using her own story, knowledge, and hard-earned wisdom. She draws inspiration from her book,Your Story Is Your Medicine - A Prescription for Healing in an Imperfect World.  



Shelli's life’s work has been centered on the integration of medicine, holistic healing, spiritual development, and the evolution of human consciousness. 

She helped to bring holistic energy healing into the acute setting of hospitals in Minneapolis.