“Shelli’s hard-won wisdom and discernment inspire me to move beyond my own fear and imagined limitations."

                                                                                                — Scott M. Taylor, Ed. D.  


Shelli Stanger Nelson earned her nursing diploma from Fairview Deaconess School of Nursing(1985), a B.S. degree from The Barbara Brennan® School of healing(2006), and completed post-graduate work in teaching and leadership in 2006.

Nelson wrote and performed the first clinical research trial using hospitalized subjects through the University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board (IRB). The research studied the effects of bio-energy therapy on pre and post-surgical patients.

Through her years of experience, she was inspired to create Living With Consciousness,™ a group class model that systematically guides participants to identify and release self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors held within the human bio-energy field. With consciousness, participants begin to replace these constrictive energy patterns with ones that support health and happiness.

Shelli has lectured locally, nationally and internationally on the topic of personal consciousness and the interface of bio-energy medicine and traditional medical treatment since 1992. She helped to bring holistic energy healing into the acute setting of hospitals in Minneapolis.

Upcoming Courses

Source, Soul & Personality

Magnificent Being Workshop

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