About The Book


"Your story, Shelli, is truly the hero's journey.  Joseph Campbell could not have described it any better." 

                                           Bill Manahan, MD, Founder and Co-Chair of Holistic Physician's Group of Minnesota


Your Story Is Your Medicine -  A Prescription for Healing in an Imperfect World is a memoir written by the first blind nurse in the state of Minnesota. Author Shelli Stanger Nelson uses her own story to show others how to heal themselves from the wounds we all acquire through our lives. Her wisdom connects with the reader on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She offers the truth of her journey and her gifts as a nurse, teacher, and energy medicine practitioner. Shelli's personal story is interwoven with teachings that she uses in her private practice and as an educator.

Shelli’s gift is her ability to express what most of us wish we could say. More than a telling of medical happenings, this book is an inspired message for the reader on how any mark of pain or misfortune may be covered with grace and eventual healing. She outlines the steps she took that allowed her to choose to live a life of joy and love despite living in a world that is often difficult and sometimes cruel.

Nelson writes with rare honesty. Losing her eyesight along with all of the other chilling events detailed throughout her book ends up being an ultimate life-lesson that opened Shelli to the glory of her Soul. Although not everyone has experienced blindness, multiple organ transplants, stranger-rape and multiple cancer episodes, the reader will relate to Shelli's challenges as she learns to trust, to accept her vulnerability, and to overcome fears great and small. Her passion for hope honors the struggles of all humanity.


Rarely does a book offer so much honesty, raw emotion, and insight about who and what we are, artfully revealing the magnificence of the human spirit.
— Daniel Cohen, MD Neurologist, author of "Addicted to My Ego"
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Your Story Is Your Medicine is the book that I offer the world as a healing tool to find your own medicine.
— Shelli Stanger Nelson
More than a story of overcoming the brutality of her medical and personal challenges, it’s a meditation on grace, love and our ability to choose.
— Scott Taylor, Ed. D. Creator of the CD series Into the Light: Near-Death Meditations, Monroe Institute facilitator since 1985
Your story, Shelli, is truly the hero’s journey. Joseph Campbell could not have described it any better.
— Bill Manahan, MD, Founder and Co-Chair of the Holistic Physician's Group of Minnesota
This powerful and courageous book inspires all who suffer physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Shelli is a true world walker, guide and spiritual teacher
— Kathryn Harwig J.D. Author of The Return of Intuition