"Shelli reminds us that we are treating the mind, body, and soul of a unique person."

                      — Stephen Battista, MD, Cardiovascular Medicine




Shelli believes that our greatest virtues are born of our most turbulent times. Her message of determination, hope and resilience in the face of major obstacles is gaining traction with a wide audience. Her signature presentation, From Both Sides of the Bed and Beyond, resonates deeply with healthcare professionals and people managing serious health challenges. Her uplifting message also is readily embraced by broader audiences, including survivors’ groups, grief groups, students of leadership, corporations and nonprofits. (link to clients)  

Blind since age 23, Shelli is living proof that what lies within us is more powerful than what lies behind us or in front of us. Her life experience as a type 1 diabetes patient, three-time organ recipient and multiple-cancer survivor is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Despite her health challenges, Shelli defines her life in terms of gifts and untapped potential – a life-lesson that central to her message. Professionally, she is the first blind person to become an RN in Minnesota, where she practiced for 30 years. She also holds the distinction of being an advance-practice energy therapist, a spiritual coach and a published author. (link to book)

Shelli’s personal, professional and spiritual journey gives audiences a unique perspective on how to garner courage while honoring the reality of their situation. Speaking with empathy and conviction, she helps them believe they are capable of tremendous things.   

Shelli is known for delivering charismatic, informed, down-to-earth talks that enlighten and inspire. Tailoring her topic to the needs and interests of her audiences, she weaves real-life stories into every presentation. She ignites an instant, empathetic bond with her audiences by being authentic, vulnerable, and always keeping her sense of humor.

No matter the topic, Shelli effortlessly touches the heart, soul and spirit of those who hear her. 



Shelli’s Lecture “From Both Sides Of The Bed And Beyond: Keys For Assisting Patients Healing Health Through The Heart” provided much-needed insight on the necessity of integrating traditional medicine with spiritual and holistic healing.  Her unique perspective - as a Nurse, Energy Practitioner, and as a Patient with complex Medical needs was exactly what our conference needed to allow the audience to pause and focus on the importance of the human Spirit In healing.  
— Amy Bertram, Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist,RN,BSN,PCCN-CMC - University of Minnesota Health
Five hundred Physicians and Nurses who attended Shelli’s presentation at the University of Minnesota Health Women’s Heart Conference were inspired and reminded why they chose a medical career in the first place.
Shelli Stanger Nelson has taught me how to be more courageous and optimistic. Since knowing Shelli as both a co-worker and later as someone who reported to me as the Director of Nursing Operations, I’ve come to appreciate how her unique perspectives about health care encourage all of us to be the very best we can be for the important patients we serve.
— Cindy McKenzie, RN, BSN, MA,NE Patient Care Manager, Alina Health, Minneapolis
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During my 25 years at 3M, I heard many speakers on leadership and team building; none of them were as engaging, challenging and authentic as Shelli. Through her personal story, she offers each listener the opportunity to smash the self-created limitations that hold each of us to the status quo. Shelli is the motivational speaker that can open the floodgates of untapped leadership potential within each person.
— Barbara Fermon, 3M International Marketing Manager, Owner of Energiworks
You are such a wonderful speaker.  I cried listening to you and had to step out. It was profound! Your sense of integrity, your faith, and your humor – all were charming and the whole room of 400 plus people stood up and gave you standing ovation!
— Bhavjot Kaur, MD, FACP Dyad Lead, Internal Medicine Physician
Shelli shares a heartfelt story from the perspective of both a patient and a medical professional of her personal experience with complications of diabetes and her battles with cancer and heart disease. She also shares her insights of how the power of relationships and spirituality positivity promoted her resiliency and that these factors are crucial adjuncts for traditional medical and surgical treatments to achieve successful outcomes. Shelli reminds us that we are treating the mind, body, and soul of a unique person.
— Stephen Battista, MD, Cardiovascular Medicine

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Suggested Topics

  • Overcoming Adversity - "Forgiving the Past - Trusting the Future"
  • Faith - "We've Lost Faith in Our Faith"
  • Grief and Loss - "We Can Feel Invisible in Our Mourning"
  • Goal Setting - "Reframing Beliefs"
  • The Human Energy System as it Relates to Health and Spirituality 
  • Miracle Consciousness - "All Healing Begins with Self"
  • The Intersection of Medicine and Holistic Practices
  • How to Integrate Traditional Health Care with Spirituality
  • The Soul, Death and Dying
  • Out of Body Experiences  

Suggested Audiences

  • Nursing conferences, holistic and traditional
  • Medical conferences and meetings
  • Cancer survivors
  • Transplant recipients
  • Holistic Psychology conferences
  • Events for blind and vision impaired
  • Diabetes family and patients
  • Women’s groups
  • Holistic conferences
  • Spiritual conferences
  • Community advocacy programs
  • Drug and alcohol rehab programs
  • Cardiac rehab programs
  • Hospitals
  • Loss and Grief groups
  • Fund raising campaigns
  • Corporations